International Shooting-All-The-Time Day

So today is International Shooting-All-The-Time Day. This is a competition run by a US magazine encouraging people to get out there and take some photos, beating back the inertia keeping us lodged to our sofas in the middle of winter.

The idea is to take a shot every 5 minutes for 15 hours. It’ll be very tough, as I’m sure I’m about to find out. I’m starting at 6.30am, as I’ve been meaning to take a particular sunrise photograph for the last few months. Better to do it in the winter than get up before 4am in the summer!

I will hopefully come back with some useable shots, which I will be posting here. Once I’ve processed all of them, I hope to publish a page outlining my day – I’ll probably post this in the next few weeks or so.

International Shooting-All-The-Time Day 21 January 2007