Millennium Dome

This is a HDR shot of the Millennium Dome and the Canary Wharf buildings and is composed of four separate exposures. As it was a windy day, this has given the appearance of motion in the sky, as the clouds have moved significantly between the frames, even though they were taken in the space of a couple of seconds. The exposures were blended together using Photomatix and the resulting image was converted to black & white using the channel mixer in Photoshop.

I took this picture from Trinity Buoy Wharf, which is a centre for arts and cultural enterprises. There are several art studios there, as well as an old lighthouse, which recently hosted a private concert by the Streets. The location presents quite a lot of interesting subjects to photograph and is well worth a visit. Nearest public transportation is East India DLR, which is ten minutes walk away.

Millennium Dome 1 May 2006